Yellow course

Status: Open


The Yellow course, surrounded by the centuries-old park of Villa Omodeo, is the youngest of Gardagolf, but no less interesting or demanding for this. The small greens, defended by deep bunkers and water hazards make Le Gialle a technical and challenging course.
The player must be careful in setting the game strategy especially on holes like the 2, par 4 of 330 metres, with a frontal water hazard on the threshold of 200 meters from the tee and a small and well defended green. Hole 4, a par 4 of 367 metres, forces the player to a perfect tee-shot on the fairway sloping to the left with a water hazard to the right. The second shot is to be made towards a small green, raised and very well defended by large bunkers.

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Yellow 1

Par 4 that welcomes the player with a first challenge that seems impervious (Hcp3) but which once finished rewards the effort with a unique view of Lake Garda and the morainic amphitheater. Bordered by olive trees and bordered by a row of cypresses, beyond the green it welcomes a group of hives where our bees produce a wildflower honey with a pure golf flavor!


Celebrated among the 500 most beautiful holes on the planet, this Par 3 requires little technique (Hcp 17) and a lot of the camera. The front lake is fed by a stream that brings water from the left side of the hole all year round and is home to numerous species of birds that nest inside the reeds. Sublime.


Medium difficulty (Hcp 9) for this Par 5 where the expert golfer can experiment with different game strategies. Flora and fauna of multiple species and origins surround the player’s path, making the slope that rises to the green easier. It is not uncommon to see elegant herons taking off from the lake on the left side, tricky but not too much for long shooters.


The legs rest a bit, tackling this long Par 4 straight and slightly downhill, Hcp 7 for distance, more than for real difficulties during the course. Good advice? Aim well at the rod and you will avoid flying into one of the large bunkers put up for defense both near and all around the green. Even in the red 4 our olive trees dominate, capable of providing a very high quality EVO oil.


So far we have played, now it’s time to work seriously. This Par 5 (Hcp 11, touristic) is long, wide and sloping, but hides before the green a couple of treacherous traps that put the players’ technique and patience to the test. First a deep depression, to be carefully avoided, then a hail of large and deep bunkers placed to defend the green. Question: will you remember more the difficulties or the beauty of the vineyards that you cross after taking the tee shot?


End of rest. After going down several meters in the previous two, you go back up from here. It feels like a roller coaster ride, with shortness of breath and pounding heartbeats. Nothing alarming, however this Par 4 deserves the Hcp 5 for the length and slope to be tackled. Oh right! Also for the entrance to the rather narrow green which requires attention and a pinch of malice in choosing the shot to be executed.


Short Par 4, also for good walkers. The technique can take a moment’s break (Hcp 13) and the mind can dedicate a moment to the surrounding scenography. In all seasons, the gaze turns upwards and is captured by the sky and by the flocks of birds that fly over the field without stopping, traveling between the various bodies of water that bathe the Gardagolf.


Seen from up there, from the tee boxes lined up on the left, this Par 4 even looks easy. In front of the player there is an immense fairway, downhill at first decisive, then more gentle. Why is it declared Hcp 1, asks the guest on his first encounter with the red 8? See you at the end, dear player, then you will tell us what it felt like to cover 408 meters (yellow tees) in which, once you had made two thirds of the journey, you saw the ball disappear into a gully that you didn’t expect and from which you sweated a lot for get out of it. Good game! 🙂


And finally we are at the end of the reds, but not all that glitters is gold, were it not for the view of the majesty of the Clubhouse which dominates from up there the commitment that this 160-metre Par 3 deserves, not difficult (Par 15) but delicate because it has so many trees on the sides, damn it.
And how many strike them, those branches of centuries-old trees skilfully modeled by the greenkeepers to give the player that minimum of apprehension which stimulates them to do better.
The perfume of the bouvette can be felt up to the tee box, come on!
Because you deserved a break on the terrace!

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